One of the exciting things about building a company from the ground up is the opportunity to create a corporate culture from scratch. After many, many, many years working for other people – in companies both large and small – we’ve figured out what makes us happy and what really pisses us off.

When it came time to decide what kind of company we wanted to be, we talked a lot about our previous work experience and looked around for inspiration. Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Mendocino Farms, Ben & Jerry’s….these are a few of the corporations that stood out to us. Why? Because at the core of each of these companies was a commitment to making the world a better place by treating employees with respect, truly connecting with customers, and living a life of corporate responsibility through supplier relationships, sustainable practices, and community giving.

Our own work experience taught us what works and doesn’t work as well. In the construction industry, Joel saw how a little respect went a long way in increasing production and staying on schedule. Conversely, working in the go-go Dot Com industry of the early aughts, Heather saw how waste and ego destroyed a lot of great ideas, (and livelihoods in the process.)

We want to create an environment where employees and customers feel empowered to make decisions and feel like they’re a part of something. We want to create partnerships that are equitable for all parties involved. But most of all, we want to have fun.

We thought a lot about the core values that drive every decision we make, whether it’s deciding which supplier to work with or what our logo should look like. Here is what we came up with:

Core Values

  • Integrity – we have moral and ethical principles and adhere to them
  • Honesty – lying is not cool, so yeah, we tell the truth
  • Independence – the ability to think for yourself and take responsibility are good, basic, adulting skills
  • Fun – in the wise words of Ben and Jerry, “If it’s not fun, why do it?”
  • Adventurous – we’re up for just about anything
  • Respect – we honor each individual for who they are, their beliefs, and the skills, values, and experience they possess
  • Growth – we encourage everyone to flourish both personally and professionally
  • Flexibility – stuff happens, we adapt
  • Trust – nothing is possible if we can’t rely on the people working with us
  • Renegade Spirit – we feed our constant craving to live a free, fun, and fulfilling life

By adhering to these values, we hope to become locally, nationally, and internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of the craft cannabis industry – not only for our products, but also for the type of company we are. We want to be a company that people are happy to be associated with, but most importantly, we want to run a company whose values and business decisions instill trust and confidence.