Aside from being all-around pretty cool people, we also have the skills necessary to build, implement, adapt, and grow a successful cannabis cultivation business because we use our time, energy, and resources in an effective way in order to achieve the things we want to achieve. (If that sounds like it was copied directly from a PowerPoint presentation, it was – ours! But we happen to think it sounds pretty awesome and it’s true.)

What makes us think that we’ll achieve our goal of total global domination? Let us count the ways:

Knowledge – we have intimate knowledge about the cannabis industry and the specific pain points within the industry, we also have tons of construction and branding knowledge critical for success. We think we have a pretty good idea of where this industry is going and the type of people – especially the ones we want to work with – in it.

Passion – our unwillingness to compromise on quality differentiates us from many growers in the industry. We’re not cutting corners and sometimes people think we’re crazy, but we’re in this for the long-haul.

Political Connections – we’ve cultivated municipal relationships and helped write city ordinances related to cannabis regulation. Basically, Joel has greased some wheels using his charming personality and this has helped the City of Oceanside realize that we’re not cultivating the Devil’s Lettuce or out to corrupt the hearts and minds of today’s youth.

Experience – Over 147 years of combined experience in cannabis, construction, marketing, sales, branding, and business management. No, that’s not dog years. That’s the actual number of years Joel and Heather have been working. (Our parents were slave-drivers.) Ha! Not really, but Heather has rarely held fewer than three jobs at a time and Joel can hustle. It’s this unique experience that makes us think we can do this. (That, or an extreme amount of bravado and stupidity – either way we feel good about our ability to succeed.)

Proprietary Strains– Joel has developed two unique strains of cannabis that we will market as flagship products with more strains in development. Yeah, we buried the lead a bit, but if you haven’t tried these strains, you’re in for a treat once they finally hit the larger market.

Scalability – we developed a production plan that places equal importance on both revenue and costs, allowing us to grow intelligently. So basically, we apply logic and reason, season it with a bit of common sense, and mix it together with a little humor. We think that’s the best way to handle whatever comes our way.

Technology – our investment in the right equipment, software, and skilled labor allows us to optimize cost efficiencies, reduce overhead, and streamline production. We were raised in the eighties, when the power and promise of modern technology finally reached into average American homes and we bought into the idea that data and tech can make you smarter as long as you don’t rely on robots to do the thinking.

So yeah, it’s not just our winning personalities that we think will make us cannabis moguls…we actually have a plan.