About Us

We Know the Industry

As long-time users of cannabis and cannabis products, the brother and sister team of Joel and Heather Weisberger partnered to form the White Mountain Cannabis Company in November 2017.

Our goal is to change the public perception of type of person who consumes cannabis. It’s not just hip hop artists, bro burnouts, and dirty hippies that smoke weed. It’s also Soccer Moms, corporate executives, and artists. College students, professionals, and hard-working Americans. Veterans, spiritualists, and “regular” people.

Knowing this, we set about creating a company that grows the highest quality cannabis while focusing on education, service, and quality.

White Mountain Core Values

Integrity – we have moral and ethical principles and adhere to them
Honesty – lying is not cool, so yeah, we tell the truth
Independence – the ability to think for yourself and take responsibility are good, basic, adulting skills
Fun – in the wise words of Ben and Jerry, “If it’s not fun, why do it?”
Adventurous – we’re up for just about anything
Respect – we honor each individual for who they are, their beliefs, and the skills, values, and experience they possess
Growth – we encourage everyone to flourish both personally and professionally
Flexibility – stuff happens, we adapt
Trust – nothing is possible if we can’t rely on the people working with us
Renegade Spirit – we feed our constant craving to live a free, fun, and fulfilling life

By adhering to these values, we aim to become locally, nationally, and internationally recognized as one of the pioneers of the craft cannabis industry. We want to be known as a company that normalized the use of cannabis and cannabis products, but most importantly, we want to run a company whose products instill trust and loyalty.

Meet Joel, CEO

Joel is currently the chairman of the San Diego County Farm Bureau Cannabis Working Group and was awarded that position because of his extensive knowledge and experience within the cannabis industry. Additionally, he is a highly sought-after cannabis cultivation consultant, assisting his clients with instituting best practices, developing Standard Operating Procedures, and imparting general cultivation knowledge. His experience includes:

  • Working closely with local officials on Oceanside Medical Marijuana Adhoc Committee to explore the possibility of allowing commercial cannabis activity within the City of Oceanside by speaking at council meetings, providing information and resources about cannabis cultivation, and arranging tours of legal cannabis facilities
  • Operating a Prop 215 compliant cultivation facility attached to a dispensary which introduced Joel to the day-to-day operations of a retail cannabis storefront, including operations, distribution, and manufacturing
  • Over 20 years managing large scale residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects.

Email: joel@whitemountainfarms.com

Meet Heather, COO

Heather is not afraid of a challenge. Her organizational abilities, attention to detail, down-to-earth attitude, and ability to multi-task have allowed her to manage projects and working relationships with professionalism and self-confidence. She has owned and operated several business, including a marketing strategy firm and event planning company. Her highlighted professional experience and skills include:

  • Developing annual business and marketing plans relating to short and long-term goals, as well as pricing and promotional strategies
  • Creating and implementing multiple on and offline marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, assuring consistent messaging and branding
  • Developing strategic plans to ensure consistency and accountability throughout organization
  • Extensive client relations including project management, sales, and event planning

Email: heather@whitemountainfarms.com