Our Hemp

We Know Hemp, Too

Because hemp is cannabis with very low levels of THC, the cultivation process is virtually identical to growing marijuana. When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, Joel found himself in a unique position where he could leverage his cannabis cultivation experience into a side hustle – consulting for local farmers who wanted to produce hemp.

So, working with several local farmers in Oceanside, CA – an ideal growing climate for hemp – Joel began experimenting with indoor and outdoor cultivation techniques, eventually harvesting enough high-quality hemp to supply our CBD pre-roll line.

American Hemp grown in Oceanside, CA

Our Farms are Local

“Keep it Local” has been a mantra in the Weisberger family for over a decade. So when the opportunity arose for us to partner with local growers to produce hemp, we jumped at the chance. Joel worked closely with each farm to ensure their cultivation practices were up to White Mountain standards, ensuring the health and vitality of each plant.

Outdoor Hemp

CBD Pre-Rolls

White Mountain American Hemp CBD pre-rolls are created using high-quality hemp flower grown in southern California. With materials for production and packaging also sourced from southern California we can confidently state that our CBD pre-rolls are “100% grown, processed, and packaged in southern California.”

Although the hemp plant doesn’t produce a significant amount of THC, it is capable of producing the non-intoxicating and medicinally rich cannabidiol (CBD) in high concentrations, and smoking CBD flower is said to produce a calming, relaxing effect without the spaciness associated with THC.

White Mountain CBD Pre rolls