Our Process

Artisanal Cannabis

White Mountain’s cultivation facilities are located in Oceanside, CA – one of the most ideal growing climates in the country given its’ moderate temperatures and offshore breezes. We grow our cannabis in a mixed-light environment, i.e. smart greenhouses, so that we can take advantage of the full spectrum of the sun, something you just can’t get growing indoors. We produce the highest quality cannabis by employing accepted industry practices as well as encouraging innovation amongst our staff.

“I grow bomb-ass weed.“

Joel Weisberger CEO, White Mountain Farms

Why is our Weed Better?

  • Attention to detail – Because we built this company from scratch, we’re familiar with – and actually created – every process in the facility. We’re constantly analyzing ways to improve quality by breaking down the smallest details.
  • Eye for quality – we manually sort choice bud for the open market while the trim/waste heads to our partners for extraction, eliminating waste. Utilizing high-end machines for trim allows maximum efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the bud.
  • Happy plants are healthy plants – it’s not just happy cows that come from California. Happy cannabis grows here, too. We cultivate our cannabis with the same level of care as our children and pets. (In fact, our plants are our kids.) We even play them music depending on their mood!

"I like to smoke the bomb-ass weed my brother grows."

Heather Weisberger COO, White Mountain Farms

Our Facility is Awesome

  • State-of-the-Art facility – our facility of the future includes 100% UV and UVB acrylic paneling to maximize terpene profiles, enhancing flavors and aromas, double walled for added insulation; supplemental lighting for consistent lighting regardless of weather, and a reverse osmosis system to remove potential toxins in city or well water.
  • High-tech and automated – we utilize high-tech, automated systems in our light deprivation greenhouses for soil monitoring, fertilizer, lighting, and nutrients as well as automated climate control in our curing rooms to provide consistency and maximum yield.
  • Multiple data capture points employed throughout the cultivation process – by developing our own tracking system, including clone tracking and temperature/climate control, we ensure maximum quality, output, and operational efficiency, ultimately allowing us to constantly improve our systems and product.