Our Consumers

Cannabis for Everyone

Cannabis consumption is normal. There is nothing wrong with consuming cannabis – provided it’s done safely and responsibly. At the end of the day it’s no different than winding down with a glass of wine or tumbler of Scotch. At a party, it’s no different than having a cocktail. And when you’re hanging out with friends, it’s no different than sharing a few beers together. Our belief is that the cannabis industry will eventually be comparable to the craft beer and artisanal wine markets.

Cannabis works. The overall health benefits of cannabis use are still being explored, but as more scientific information is available we intend to promote the health benefits of using cannabis. One of our primary concerns is to educate and dispel many of the myths surrounding cannabis consumption.

Everyone is welcome. People shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, awkward, or unsure using our product. This is why educating the consumer about the strains, dosage, and side effects is so important to our brand. We want to create knowledgeable, responsible, and legal users of cannabis, regardless of their background.

The three common values that unite our customers are quality, consistency, and an independent spirit.